Borrowing doesn’t have to be a burden anymore, no more credit checks, no more interest, no need to upload documents.

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Why Lendle is a great financing option for you.

Introducing a new lending concept. Our loans only charge a one-time admin fee, you no longer have to worry about accruing interest. You will have the ability to choose your payment terms and payment frequency. As you pay down your loan, you build a credit balance allowing to re-loan yourself. Never fall short, Lendle is here to help you.

Loan benefits

Great benefits from Lendle.

Lendle provides a concierge like service, we evaluate all our applications based on the client's current financial position. Don’t worry, we do not have set criteria that you need to meet. Our account managers simply try to understand you as a person not a number.

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Simple application process

The application does not take more than 5 minutes.

No credit check

Lendle does not pull up your credit score.

Government assistance

We do look at government assistance as income.

Unsecured Loan

No need to put up any collateral.

Fast approval

It should take no more than 24/48 business hours.

Funded within days

Receive your funds within 4 business days.

How to apply.

Lendle’s application process is now paperless, no need to upload multiple documents or worry about security concerns.

1. Create your account

Your lendle account will be your banking portal.

2. Fill your application

Upload your government ID, and select your terms and agreement.

3. Get your approval

Receive your funds directly into your bank account.

Frequently asked questions.

Have more questions? Speak to a customer service representative.

Is there really no interest?

That’s correct, there is no interest, simply a one-time administrative fee. You chose when you want to pay us back.

How quickly do I get funded?

Funds should arrive the same day upon approval; or no later than four business days directly into your account.

Is there a criteria that I need to meet?

There is no fixed criteria, we just need to see if you can support the loan.  

How much can I get funded for?

The maximum you can get funded for is $2000.00, we are looking to increase this in the near future.

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