Lendle Mastercard.

Canada’s first credit card that is truly interest free and no monthly payment obligations. Spend and pay down as you please.

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The credit card to end all cards. 0% interest!

Finally, its here! A credit card that gives you financial flexibility and control. Lendle's credit card does not charge any interest on any outstanding balance nor is there a monthly minimum payment required. This card is to help you balance your debt along with building credit.

Credit card benefits

Benefits of the Lendle Mastercard.

1. No minimum payments on balance: You are not required to make any monthly payments on any outstanding balance. Pay down as you see fit financially.

2. No collections: You can hold your debt as long as you want without damaging your credit score or ever going into collections.

3. Annual Fee will protect you: If you cannot make your monthly payment, not to worry, your annual fee will be used to report to Equifax to satisfy your payment obligations. $120 will be divide by 12 months, creating an effect of $10 monthly payment. This will be than used to report to Equifax.

4. Building credit: Keeping up with the annual fee, we will report good credit to Equifax and TransUnion.

5. Guaranteed limit increase: Keep your card in good standing and get a guaranteed annual increase of $200 or more every year!

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0% on balance transfers

No interest on balance transfers.

0% on cash advances

No interest on any cash advances.

Only need basic income

Just a steady income for approval.

Fraud protection

Advance fraud alert.

0% Interest

No interest on any balance.

Annual fee

We charge a low fee of $120 anually.

How to apply.

Lendle’s application process is now paperless, no need to upload multiple documents or worry about security concerns.

1. Create your account

Your lendle account will be your banking portal.

2. Fill your application

Upload your government ID and select your credit limit.

3. Get your approval

Receive your Lendle Mastercard in the mail.

Frequently asked questions.

Have more questions? Speak to a customer service representative.

Is there really no interest on anything?

That’s correct, there is no interest on anything: cash advances, balance transfers, over limit, out standing balance, no interest on anything!

Is there an annual fee?

Yes, there is an annual fee of $120. This will be charged to the credit card once per year.

What do I need to get approved?

You don’t need much to get approved, just have a good banking record and a steady income.

How much do I get for my credit limit?

Start off at the limit you desire, and as long as you maintain your annual fee, you will receive an annual increase. It’s up to you to accept it or decline it.

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