Debt Consolidation.

Are you in debt that is depleting your pay cheque. Lendle now offers debt consolidation, creating a single payment.

Consolidate debt

Why Lendle’s consolidation is a great option for you.

Stressed? Not to worry, let us help you! Our consolidation program is great for loans that are higher than 30% APR or payday loans. If you are stuck in a cycle of loan payments eating into your paycheque, we can consolidate up to $5000 and create one easy payment.

Debt consolidation benefits

How do I qualify for consolidation?

To qualify its quite simple, we want to ensure you have not missed any of your previous loan payments and have steady income. Once we confirm all this, we will payout your debts and consolidate to one monthly payment.

Consolidate debt

Simple application process

The application does not take more than 5 minutes.

No credit check

Lendle does not pull up your credit score.

Government assistance

We do look at government assistance as income.

Unsecured Loan

No need to put up any collateral.

Fast approval

It should take no more than 24/48 business hours.

Funded within days

Receive your funds within 4 business days.

How to apply.

Lendle’s application process is now paperless, no need to upload multiple documents or worry about security concerns.

1. Create your account

Your lendle account will be your banking portal.

2. Fill your application

Upload your government ID, and select your terms and agreement.

3. Get your approval

Receive your funds directly into your bank account.

Frequently asked questions.

Have more questions? Speak to a customer service representative.

How much is the maximum you consolidate up to?

$5000 is the maximum we would be able to consolidate, we are looking to increase this in the near future.

Can I have the funds instead of Lendle paying out my debts?

We find it’s a lot easier for us to communicate with other financial institutions in clearing your debts. To keep the process seamless we will simply pay your loans off directly.

What are the loan payment terms?

You have the ability to choose your terms from our options. This will give you the flexibility you need.

Will this improve my credit score?

Absolutely, simply keep up with your consolidation agreement and we will do our part. Our team will ensure the credit bureau has your payments up to date.

Consolidate your debt today.

Need a better idea of our loan terms and payment plans, get a free quote today and see how affordable Lendle is!

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