Credit Builder Program.

Need a credit score boost but don’t want to take out a large loan? The Credit Builder program is the right solution

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Why is the Credit Builder Program a good solution?

Clients have seen results as little as 3 months, with an increase of more than 50 basis points. Lendle’s Credit Builder Program is the first on the market that extends credit and helps boost your score without having to take out a large loan or go through credit checks. The program is best suited for those who are new to credit such as a student, a new comer to Canada, or if you recently came out of bankruptcy. We find the vast majority of our clients are simply trying to repair credit, which this program is best suited for!

Credit builder benefits

How does this benefit me?

The Credit Builder Program allows clients to take a micro loan of $100 and payback $10 monthly ($120 total payback amount). The loan to payment ratio will create a boost towards your credit bureau. Once you see a boost in your credit score start to receive offers from local banks for more premium based credit products.

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Simple application process

The application does not take more than 5 minutes.

No credit check

Lendle does not pull up your credit score.

Government assistance

We do look at government assistance as income.

Unsecured Loan

No need to put up any collateral.

Fast approval

It should take no more than 24/48 business hours.

Same Day Funding

Receive an e-transfer instantly.

How to apply.

Lendle’s application process is now paperless, no need to upload multiple documents or worry about security concerns.

1. Create your account

Your lendle account will be your banking portal.

2. Fill your application

Upload your government ID, and select your terms and agreement.

3. Get your approval

Receive your funds directly into your bank account.

Frequently asked questions.

Have more questions? Speak to a customer service representative.

What is my total payback?

The credit builder loan lends out $100 and your payback is $120. APR 20%

What if I miss a payment?

Unfortunately, if you miss a payment it will go against your score.

Is it possible to get a higher loan amount?

No, the program is designed to boost your score. The borrowed amount to payback ratio’s allows this to happen. If you require a larger amount, we suggest you apply for a term loan.

How quickly do I get funded?

Once you are approved, you will receive funding the same day via e-transfer?

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