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Frequently asked questions.

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Are you a real company?

Yes, we are federally incorporated and registered with the Canadian Lenders Association. We have been in operation since 2018.

Are you going to examine my banking history?

When you connect your bank account with us, we get to understand you better as a person. If we simply look at a credit score, we may not get the best possible picture of you financially.

Are all your products interest free?

Yes, all of our products are interest free. We work on a subscription and fee-based model. Where you pay a fixed rate, rather than an interest rate that accumulates.

Are you a payday loan company?

A lot of people confuse us for a payday loan business, we are NOT. We do not believe in such practices, charging clients astronomical rates when they are the most vulnerable.

Is my information secure with you?

Yes, we have a dedicated tech team that works around the clock to ensure your data does not get breached. We have partnered with someone Canada’s most powerful tech firms to ensure this.

Are you a Canadian company?

We are absolutely a Canadian company, Lendle is proud of its Canadian roots and what this country stands for. No matter your background, Lendle supports the diversity within Canada.  

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